How long will it take to process my order?

Each order is generally processed within 5 - 10 business days. Though if there is a delay, we will surely get in touch to let you know when to expect your order to be shipped.


How long will my Hunt Amor piece stay shiny?

We protect our products with a tarnish preventer to prevent any pre-purchase damage. Each piece of our brass and copper collection will ware naturally, resulting in a tarnish unique to each piece, adding to the appeal of Hunt Amor.


How should I take care of my items?

We recommend storing your Hunt Amor piece in tissue or a soft bag. Always wipe of any make-up and skin oils to prevent accelerated tarnishing. To maintain the look of your Hunt Amor piece you can use ketchup, I know…Ketchup. Wipe a small amount on a tissue and rub it directly on the jewelry, after you are happy with the result, wipe off the excess ketchup. 


Can you just clean it for me? 

We do offer a cleaning service, though each product is different. You can also clean your own jewelry at home with some common household goods, see some of our common cleaning methods here or get in touch to book a retouching service.


Crap! I messed up my order, can we fix that?

Hunt Amor will do it's best to accommodate changes to an existing order, provided it has not already shipped. Please send an email to and include your name, order number and the change you would like to make. 


You guys sent me the wrong item, ummm?

If we totally screwed up on your order we will refund or replace your order, we'll also take care of shipping.


Does Hunt Amor offer refunds or exchanges?

Unfortunately, all sales are final. We do however strive to ensure supreme happiness, so please do get in touch with us through and we can start a discussion there.